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Quick reminder that the comic fair at Beaverdale Books is today from 1-4pm!…

Thomcast 3 of 3 recorded back-to-back-to-back! You can kind of tell on this one :)

I’ve been making Way masks out of cellu-clay this year and I want to start upping my operation and make improvements, so I’m setting some goals for myself and telling the Internet. Also, my bro Jet made me some sweet mask medallions that I need to paint up and take to some events!

Check that original mask-making video here:

Read my comic Nextuus here:
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Thomcast 2 of 3 recorded back-to-back-to-back!
There is a great event coming up this Sunday! From 1-4pm at Beaverdale Books in Des Moines, IA, you can meet me and 5 other Iowa comic creators and buy our stuff! It’s a great way to support local artists and a local bookstore!

Check out the event here:…

Featured creators:
:iconjadiner: -
John Ira Thomas -
Carter Allen -…
Thom Hotka -
Jet Falco -
Austin Allen Hamblin -

Read my comic Nextuus here:
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Thanks to my bro Matty for the new mic-- let me know if the video sounds okay!

This is the first of 3 Thomcasts I recorded back to back to back this week, in order to catch up. I decided to talk about a project that's been in the back of my brain for a while, but recently I've had some inspiration that has made me interested in pursuing it further: making an autobiographical comic.

Are there any autobio comics you have read that you would recommend?

Let me know about them and I'll try to check them out!
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All right, cats and dogs-- my bro LostandFounding makes a swell comic titled


You should read it! It posts regularly right here in River City-I mean DeviantArt!
Page one:
Comic Book Cover by LostandFounding
This comic has a lot going for it, I'd say.
Monster fights: Page 71 ^_^ Jack vs Crab Part 2 by LostandFounding
Cool magic: Page 51 ^_^ by LostandFounding
MUCH pirates: Page 89 ^_^ by LostandFounding

And, of course... The best character ever conceived.
The Best Character by NyQuilDreamer

So give it a read, won't you?
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Last weekend I went to the Sci-Fi ICON in Cedar Rapids!

It was a really great show, and I wanted to share some thoughts from the event.

Nextuus from chapter 10 is here on DA: Comic Folder

Want to read more Nextuus? Check the full archive on the site:

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Buybooks 150a by NyQuilDreamer
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Quick unedited video about my thoughts after completing my first Amazing Character Alphabet Challenge. Mostly I enjoyed it, and it made me think about more ways to expand the Nextuus universe.

See all of the alpha challenge drawings on Facebook:…

Read Nextuus here:
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This weekend I went to a parade for the neighborhood I grew up in. Got me thinking about my hometown and why I still choose to live here.

What are your hometowns? Did you move away? If you did, do you still visit, or do you like to keep your distance?

Nextuus from chapter 10 is here on DA: Comic Folder

Want to read more Nextuus? Check the full archive on the site:

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Buybooks 150a by NyQuilDreamer
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At last, I have finished the stretch goal reward from my latest Kickstarter project!

This took way too long to finish, so next time I pull something like this, I'll be sure to have more planned ahead of time. I'm exceedingly happy with how this mini-comic turned out, but too much of it was figured out at the last minute, leading to this late release date.

Anyway, as a fan of the movie Big Trouble in Little China, this project was a blast to write and draw, regardless of how long it took!

Nextuus from chapter 10 is here on DA: Comic Folder

Want to read more Nextuus? Check the full archive on the site:

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Buybooks 150a by NyQuilDreamer
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I'm taking part in a challenge from my bro Marc ( :icongpsbassist: ) on DeviantArt to draw 26 different characters in 26 days, each corresponding to a letter in the alphabet-- check the info:…

The challenge has been fun so far. I'm using characters from my comic Nextuus and posting the sketches every day on DeviantArt, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So you should follow me on those places if you wanna see 'em!
@ NyQuilDreamer on Twitter
nyquildreamer on Instagram

And don't forget to read Nextuus here:
And buy Nextuus here:…
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I did the Indie Author Book Expo last weekend and was thinking a bit about how talking to authors about what they create is somewhat different from having the same discussion with comic creators and artists.

You guys should talk to authors! They like talking about what they create, and it'll get you excited to be creative in your own right!

Nextuus from chapter 10 is here on DA: Comic Folder

Want to read more Nextuus? Check the full archive on the site:

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Buybooks 150a by NyQuilDreamer
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Last week I mentioned I planned on talking to at least 3 stores about stocking copies of Nextuus graphic novels. Well, I ended up contacting 5 stores! I haven’t yet met with these locations to drop off books, but I will keep you posted in the coming weeks.

The rest of the episode is dedicated to a new (maybe recurring?) segment titled Thom’s Quick Tips For Getting Your Books Stocked In Local Stores If You Self Publish And Aren’t Sure Where To Start Or What To Keep In Mind.

Today, I’m covering a few basic things to have sorted before you make contact with retailers you want to stock your books: How much do your products cost YOU; What price are you willing to sell them to retailers; What price would you consign your books for.

Reminder— I’ll be at the Indie Author Book Expo in Des Moines on Saturday, August 26 from 9-5:…

Reminder— You can get copies of Nextuus from my online store (if you can’t wait for them to show up at a store near you!):
And you can read Nextuus online, too:
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Been radio silent (video silent?) for a few weeks and I figure the best way to get back on track with Thomcast updates is to do an old fashioned update vlog! So here's some plans.

The kickstarter reward comic will be released as soon as possible in black and white for backers to read and enjoy, with a color version to come upon its completion. I'm not going to set a completion deadline, as I've had to keep moving the goalpost for this project, but I'm instead going to make it a priority and focus on it as much as I can in the coming days.

I'm excited to hit up area bookstores and libraries about stocking Nextuus. I've done it before and I know it's not difficult to do-- and it makes me feel great to accomplish the task. More on that in upcoming Thomcasts!

Finally, the Indie Author Book Expo is Saturday, August 26th at the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines. Check the event out here:…
It is free to attend and there are 22 authors featured! Including me!

Don't forget to read Nextuus:
And buy our swag:
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Hey guys-- had a rough show last weekend at O Comic Con and wanted to talk about my feelings a bit with the Internet.

This has been a pretty rough year overall for my comic convention appearances, surely for a number of reasons. Because I use the Thomcast in part as a log to review my feelings about conventions and other projects, it's important to me to be honest and explain what happened and how it's affected me.

I tried not to sound too whiny or go on for too long-- thanks for your patience!

Last year's thoughts from O Comic Con:
The Planet Comic Con video from earlier this year:

Go to to read the comic!
You can purchase Nextuus in print at our store:…
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:iconvanzish: tagged me to do an OC interview a while back! I've been working on some home improvement projects, and don't have time to do a Saturday page of Nextuus, so I decided to conduct an interview! I sat down with Commander Skreechee and here's how the interview went:

Skreechee Interview by NyQuilDreamer

1. What is your name?

I am Commander Sikarren Screecheeno, cur.

2. Do you know why you are named that?

In your inferior language, it means cunning strategist and exemplary warrior.

3. Are you single or taken?

I have my duties as a Commander of the great Dont Imperial Forces.

4. Have any abilities or powers?

I am incredibly powerful. My strength is in the 95th percentile of my race.

5. Stop being Mary Sue.

I am Commander Sikarren Screecheeno, prole.

6. What's your eye color?

Green as the seas of Illius.

7. How about hair color?

I do not have hair, like some sort of filthy mammal. My crest is a radiant red.

8. Have any family members?

The whole of the Dont Empire is my family.

9. Oh? How about pets?

I have no time for such trifles.

10. That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.


11. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?

Sparring with the finest warriors under my command for sport.

12. Have you ever hurt anyone in any way?


13. Ever... killed anyone before?


14. What kind of animal are you?

A member of the most powerful and beautiful race, the Donts.

15. Name your worst habits.

I have been told by cowards that I am quick to lose my temper.

16. Do you look up to anyone at all?

I have had many fine superiors in my rise to the rank of Commander, but my fondest memories are serving as a personal guard to Commander Blee Cheerisskan in my youth.

17. are you Gay,  Straight, or Bisexual?

These terms do not apply to me.

18. Do you go to school?

I submit myself to quarterly neural courses to stay sharp.

19. Ever want to marry and have kids one day?

It is not our way.

20. Do you have any fangirls/fanboys?

I hold the respect of many, I imagine.

21. What are you most afraid of?

I have no fondness for interstellar travel.

22. What do you usually wear?

Light combat armor.

23. What's one food that tempts you?

Marshmallows. They are worthless, but delicious.

24. What class are you? (low class, middle class, high class)?

All Donts have an equal role to play for the betterment of our people.

25. How many friends do you have?

I have no time for such trifles.

26. What are your thoughts on pie?

I have never had pie. It looks disgusting.

27. Favorite drink

Otcas firewater has a peppy kick to it!

28. What's your favorite place?

At this point, any other place but this desolate rock of a planet.

29. Are you interested in anyone~?

I have met only two potential mates in my life. I am no longer certain I wish to have one.

30. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?

Make a server do the swimming! Warriors are not made for swimming. With proper equipment, I could walk through the water.

31. What's your type?

Not you, you poltroon.

As you can see, the Commander wasn't the best interview. Hopefully you gleaned some insight into him and the Dont race! Here's some info about Donts and some pages with Skreechee in them:
Nextuus profile Donts by NyQuilDreamer Dont Rukav by NyQuilDreamer Nextuus Page 979 by NyQuilDreamer Nextuus Page 980 by NyQuilDreamer Nextuus Page 981 by NyQuilDreamer

This was a lot of fun, so I'm gonna tag a few people. Please do it if it appeals to you!
:icontsujito: :iconraycat19: :icontwobluekaiju: :iconragingdroidx:
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:iconspectralnebula: tagged me and I needed to make a new video,
so here are the questions and answers!

You guys know that I don't follow the rules when it comes to tags.


But I will tag some people and ask some questions!
I'm gonna tag a few recent watchers to answer these,
but please answer as many or as few as you'd like if you want to!

1. What is your favorite form of storytelling? (books, comics, movies, etc)

2. If you had to paint all of the walls in your home one color, which would you pick?

3. You get a superpower: flight or invisibility?

4. Do you prefer telling friends/family what gift you would like to receive or let them guess what you would like?

5. Do you read more print comics or digital comics?

I'm gonna tag--
:iconspectralnebula: :iconsupersaiyan3scooby: :iconhunterlife: :iconmichultom: :iconnokoyo: :iconinkspecter:
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My friend Aaron Walther interviewed me for is podcast!

Check out his comic podcast on his YouTube channel!
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Here's an older Pipe Dreams episode if you have no idea what this is:

This week, I'm thinking off the cuff about my difficulties in cultivating meaningful advice for attaining the kind of success I want. It seems there are plentiful resources to draw from, but it's sometimes exhausting to read or listen through all of it and then try to find pieces that apply to my goals or what I actually want to do.

So I pose this question to you:

Where do you go for advice on how to succeed or achieve greater levels of success?

What sorts of projects do you need/want advice for?

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We made it to 1000 pages of Nextuus!

I don't normally celebrate page milestones too much, as I'd rather focus on continuing the story instead. However, for hitting 4 digits of pages, I figured I should do something for a change!

Enjoy some of my musings and then a ridiculous (dizzying) montage of every 10 pages of Nextuus (starting with page 1) including the brand new page 1000!

 Nextuus Page 1000 by NyQuilDreamer

Thank you all so much for watching, and for reading Nextuus. It means a lot to me that there are folks who want to read the story I'm telling. You guys are too rad.


Start reading Nextuus:

Go to Nextuus webcomic:

Go to our store:

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I talk about my experience at MSP Springcon 2017! The show was great, and I got to try out a new focus for my table display, only talking to people about my books if they approach the table, and doing my best to get books into people’s hands. I also tried doing free sketches and getting people to sign up for my mailing list (more on that soon!)


I didn’t sell a lot of books, but I did get a lot of people to stop and check out the comic. The sketches were a lot of fun to do, and gave me a great opportunity to chat with people and give them my pitch. The trouble with the sketches is they still felt unrelated to Nextuus, and I wasn’t sure the best way to tie in that service to what I was there to do.


Trey Baldwin (of the Baldwins) –…

Carter Allen –…

Will Grant –

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My buddy Dexter from IndieComic.Ninja told me about a great podcast called the Business of Art after he watched my video on Planet Comicon from a few weeks back:

At first I didn't want to listen to it and I thought maybe Dex had thought I was whining in my previous video, but I'm glad I got over those unfounded feelings and just gave it a listen.

It was super informative and got me thinking about my approach at cons, and how to build displays, and what to focus on when talking to attendees.

Everyone on the panel was incredibly positive, and it was encouraging to hear them reinforce many of my own goals and beliefs when it comes to selling at conventions.

I would recommend checking out the podcast and the Facebook group. Here's a link to the episode I listened to:…
And the group on Facebook:…

Previous Thomcast from today:
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